Many global borders for filling retail

Many global borders for filling retail

Sri Lanka has received an expression of interest from 24 companies from all over the world to use Ceylon Petroleum Corporation filling station for retail.

Sri Lanka is offering filling stations of state-run Ceylon Petroleum Corporation for a fee and trying to get fuel on loan from these companies.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, China, India, Russia, UK, Malaysia, Norway, and the Philippines are among those who are interested.
The CPC has about 1,100 filling stations. Several companies may be offered parcels of 200 to 400 filling stations r Power and Energy Minister  Kanchana Wijesekara said.

New stocks
Kanchana Wijesekara said, that additional stocks of all fuel products have been ordered in the next three days to make up for the delayed time in distributing fuel for island-wide stations.


“Delays in distribution, unloading, and payments for orders by fuel stations have created long lines,”



Wijesekara said in a Twitter message..

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