Court protects lesbian in historical ruling

Court protects lesbian in historical ruling

The  Kaduwela magistrate ruled that a lesbian women needs to give legal protection from her abusive parents.
This is the first time a lesbian women has received legal protection from a court ruling.
The Kaduwela Magistrate has granted an interim protection order to protect a lesbian woman who had been held against her wish by her abusive parents.

The court heard that the woman had been severely abused and imprisoned for weeks because of her sexual orientation

The parents were supported by the Welisara Mahabage police attempted to conduct a psychiatric assessment of this woman on her psychological stability and conducted tests against her wishes.

The court heard that police officer and Judicial Medical Officers have conducted forced anal and vaginal examinations on LGBT+ people in a bid to find evidence.

President’s Counsel Dilrukshi Wickremasinghe and a strong legal team defended the Lesbian women’s case.

The legal team argued that homosexuality was neither a crime nor a mental illness and as the court accepted the position the case was dismissed.

The legal team is now seeking a permanent protection order against her family.

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