Sanath Nishantha to be docked for contempt of court

Sanath Nishantha to be docked for contempt of court

A contempt case is to be filed, on Monday, against SLPP MP Sanath Nishantha

.Petitioner Attorney-at-law Priyalal Sirisena intends to file the petition to the Court of Appeal, in terms of Article 105(3), against the Puttalam District  MP  over statements made at a media conference, called on August 23, at the SLPP headquarters, Battaramulla.

The petitioner alleged that comments had been made pertaining to judicial officers vested with powers to grant bail to those who were brought before them as regards criminal investigations.
Party investigation:

Opposition parliamentarian Marikkar said MP Sanath Nishantha, who allegedly made disparaging comments on the Judiciary.

Many SLPP members have issues with the Judiciary, as many of them have been charged with various acts of violence and corruption. When a media briefing is convened by a party at its headquarters, and a party member criticizes the court it could be assumed that this is the position of the party. So this is not just action by MP Sanath Nishantha, it becomes an action by the party and this should be investigated,

Marikkar said.
Contempt of court

Many have said that the contempt of court legislation could be used in an arbitrary matter as it is not clearly defined and review is needed but it seems that there is a demand for the piece of legislation by certain parties when it suits their purposes.

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