More refugees from the North reach Tamilnadu

More refugees from the North reach Tamilnadu

According to recent reports, more people from the North are fleeing to India to save themselves from the misery created by the current economic crisis.

People fleeing to India due to economic hardships is a mystery for some because people in the north and east have faced a thirty-year civil war and are resilient compared to people in the south.

Analysts point out that the government needs to take serious note of people who are fleeing to India from the northern peninsula as this could have serious political and security implications.

It was recently reported that a Sri Lankan woman had sold all her belongings, including her home, and had fled by boat to Dhanushkody in Southern India.

Shanthi from Jaffna said that she boarded a fibber boat from Thalaimannar at around 10 pm last night and arrived at Dhanushkodi at around 7 am today.  “My husband died two years ago and I take care of both my children. I was working as a house help, but the money was not sufficient for survival. Most of the days we only had one meal a day,”

She and her two children were rescued by the coast guard and now they have been sheltered in the Mandapam camp for refugees.

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