Garbage dumps  disaster waiting to happen

Garbage dumps disaster waiting to happen

The 21 garbage dumps could bring disaster any moment to the residents of the area and
The bitter complaints made by the locals have gone unheard and these dumps in close proximity to houses have made life miserable for the inhabitants.

Residents of Muthurajawela and Karadiyana told the Sunday Times that visitors to their homes don’t even want to drink a sip of water from them. They lamented that clean air was only a dream. The environment was even more oppressive during the rains.

“And we are endlessly bothered by flies and mosquitoes,” said one.


“Even if we tell our plight to the authorities, there is no solution so far. Even a small child isn’t lucky enough to have a breath of fresh air.”

Ovitiya Watta, Thimbiriyagaha Fort, Ambalanmulla, Pilapitiya paddy fields, Dambu Watta, Sudu Wella, Muthurajawala, Kerawalapitiya, Marina Garden, Manel Gamuwa, Kotikawatta, Seethawaka, Karadiyana, Bulathsinhala, Pohorawatta, Nagoda, Dodangoda, Agalawatta, Vathu Rajapura, Matugama, Walauwatte, and Palindanuwara are the garbage dumps that are distributed across the western province.

Although there are a number of government agencies the simple truth is that they are just incapable of handling the issue.

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