No extensions for over 60 diplomats

No extensions for over 60 diplomats

A firm decision has been taken by the government not to extend the services of five diplomats who are reaching retirement age in the future.

Extensions had been sought in respect of Ambassadors P.M. Amza (Riyadh), Grace Asirwatham (Brussels), A. Sabarulla Khan (Oman) and S.D.K Semasinghe (Warsaw) and High Commissioner A.M.J. Sadiq (Maldives).

The Ministry had recommended that Mr. Amza be allowed to complete his tenure till October 2024, Ms. Asirwatham till June 2023, Ms. Semasinghe till June 2024, Mr. Sadiq till January 2025, and Mr. Khan till September 2025. Several other requests from Foreign Ministry staff have been turned down.

Currently, about fifty percent of the ambassadors and high commissioners are   non-career diplomats and most of them have been appointed on the strength of personal affiliations

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