Sri Lanka to become prime wedding destination

Sri Lanka to become prime wedding destination

Sri Lanka’ is to be promoted as a prime wedding destination and European, Asian middle east markets are to be explored.
Meanwhile high spenders of India, Nepal, Maldives and Pakistan are also are to be encouraged to have lavish wedding parties in SrI Lanka.

Tourist board spokesperson Kamal Fernando said that exotic locations such as near Singharaja forest, cultural triangle, on beaches and in Yachts are possible locations.

Event management companies, wedding planners, photographers and, many others in the tourism industry are to gain from this venture.

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority in partnership, with Brides of Sri Lanka, a bridal magazine, Galle Face Hotels and Sri Lankan Airlines is hosting a two day wedding exhibition on February 19 and 20 to promote the idea.

‘Wedding Week 2022; will be a free of charge exhibition that will have Indian and Maldivian fashion designers presenting along with local designers as well as support services. Said Daniel Grua, General Manager of Galle Face Hotel, Sri Lanka.

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