Sri Lankan tea fetches record Price

Sri Lanka’s tea exports have registered the
Countries’ highest ever income of  Rs. 206 billion between January and July 2022.

This is a massive increase of 37% from the same period of last year.

The t depreciation of the rupee has been a key reason for higher earnings.

 Sri Lanka’s low-grown Ceylon teas hit a new record of 1,506 rupees a kilogram, up from 640 rupees a year earlier.
In the last week of May low grown averaged 3.43 dollars a kilogram up from 2.43 a year earlier. Global commodity prices have moved up due to US money printing, which tends to weaken the dollar.
Higher value is being fetched on low crops. However, the export quantity has dropped 2.7 million kg from last year. Asia Siyaka said the 2022 July figure was the lowest on record in recent history going back to 1999. The volume of tea exports in the first seven months of 2022 amounted to 148 million kg, down by 9% from a year earlier.
The cumulative total to is lowest on record in relation to increased tea production which led to Sri Lanka’s exports rising to 300 million kg for the first time in 2004,”
Asia Siyaka recalled.

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