Which way will Dhammika Perera go ?

Which way will Dhammika Perera go ?

The Supreme Court has cleared the way for Dhammika Perera to enter parliament as a National List MP.

The five fundamental rights (FR) petitions filed against Perara were rejected without a hearing.

The Bench comprising Justices Priyantha Jayawardena, Yasantha Kodagoda, and Anil Obeysekara unanimously rejected the petition.

Several individuals and organizations including the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) and its Executive Director had filed FR applications challenging the appointment of

Business Empire :
Kulappu Arachchige Don Dhammika Perera or, Dhammika Perera is considered to be the richest man in Sri Lanka .

He has business interest in all most every sector he holds major shares in Hayleys, Sampath Bank, Pan Asia Bank, Royal Ceramics and many other companies. The protesters who gathered in front of his house said that he is not fit to go to parliament because he has not duly paid his tax and engaged in business such as casinos.

It is rumored that he initially made his fortune by running casinos in Colombo with exclusive licenses.

He is also criticized for not performing well while serving as Secretary, Ministry of transport under the Mahinda Rajapaksa Presidency.

His company Hayleys attempting to dump tons of UK garbage in Sri Lanka.

Investment Strategy
Many have credited him for his cleverness in investing at the right time in the right place.

He is said to be someone who develops business in a systematic and regular manner.
Purchasing the majority of shares of companies and gaining control has been his game of profit-making

Which way will he go?
Forbes magazine had listed Royal Ceramics Lanka in the year 2010 as one of the best 200 Asian Pacific companies. At that time its annual turnover was just a little lower than $1 billion.

More than 23 companies listed in the Sri Lankan share market belongs to Dhammika Perera.

Undoubtedly Dhamika Pereara is a capable man, will he use his capability and skill to further his profits or to pull out this country from the crisis situation which is versioning by the day? That’s what’s to be sent in Perera’s entry to the parliament.

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