Why go to Sri Lanka this winter

Why go to Sri Lanka this winter

No, helping the Sri Lankan economy is not why you need to holiday in Sri Lanka. It is not your problem that was the opening line of an opinion piece on gulf news.

The article argues that Sri Lanka should be your travel destination of choice because it is right now the dream of every tourist: a paradise that is not crowded with other tourists.

On Instagram, companies are selling software to help you remove the crowds from your vacation photos. All you have to do is visit Sri Lanka and you won’t need that software. Those Insta reels and TikTok videos that make nature look exotic with only you in the — Sri Lanka is the easiest place to make those videos this winter.

And yes, there is enough petrol to take you anywhere in the island country. As a tourist with forex power, you won’t face any inconvenience, except perhaps not being able to buy some imported goods like shoes and cosmetics.

But you are not going to Sri Lanka to buy a pair of Nike shoes, reminds the writer.

If you are a tourist in Sri Lanka today, you are met with a mix of surprise and gratitude. Surprise, because they know tourists are avoiding Sri Lanka right now. Gratitude, because they know they need you and your foreign exchange, explains  Shivam Vij writing for gulf news.

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