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Chiinthu and others are dancing in London

Chiinthu and others are dancing in London

has taken on the mammoth task of breaking the stigma around dancing as an adult.
Chiinthu Sarvananthan a Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer, and by day, a data protection lawyer has taken on to promote dancing as a means of well-being.

His show Annam, which takes place this Saturday (5th Nov) at Millfield Theatre in North London, has been talked about by many.

“As many kids in my generation, my mum sent me to dance classes as a way for me to make Tamil friends, learn the culture and probably have some peace at home for a few hours! I actually enjoyed learning the art form and went on to do my arangetram in 2011 – where people think the dance journey ends. But for me, my dance journey actually started here!

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