Women in public service awaiting decision on  sarees

Women in public service awaiting decision on sarees

Sri Lanka’s public administration ministry officials are discussing if women workers need to wear sarees to work or not.

The opinion is divided but it seems that instead of making the sari compulsory suitable attire may be allowed and the circular will be issued soon.

Sudarmi rathnaraja, an employee of a government department said

” I have been wearing saree to work since I started to work in the late nineties but now saree prices have increased to more than doubled  and  think it’s time to be flexible about the dress code”

A number of state banks have made the saree compulsory for their employees.

Company T-shirts and casual wear will not be allowed as office attire at the state banks.
Many females are complaining that sarees are not suitable for public transport which is usually crowded during office hours. Also, those who use motorcycles and bicycles argue that casual ware is safer and more convenient for the ride.

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