Sailors who jumped ship to be prosecuted in the US


Nine sailors who jumped ship in the United States (US) are to be in hot water soon.

They are now absconding after jumping ship .they went missing subsequent to a joint naval exercise in the USA.

The issue has now been referred to the US law enforcement authorities.
The sailors who jumped ship were to bring a decommissioned US Coast Guard Cutter back to Sri Lanka.

Currently, the sailors who jumped ship are been tracked and if arrested they will have to naval disciplinary.
Subsequent to arrest they could be in detention, and be deported.

Due to unlawful presence in the US they could be prevented from returning to the US for up to 10 years and in addition, they could be prosecuted in Sri Lanka.

The incident has not strained US –Lanka Navel protocols and the training exercise in Hawai with more than one hundred Navy sailors is continuing.


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