IMF staff level agreement will give clear picture -Central Bank

IMF staff level agreement will give clear picture -Central Bank

Nandalal Weerasinghe, the governor of Sri Lanka’s central bank, said he hoped International Monetary Fund ( IMF) officials and Sri Lanka’s government could “finalize and reach a staff-level agreement” on the policy package during their meetings.
IMF officials are to visit Sri Lanka later this month.

The Central Bank Governor Weerasinghe told reporters Thursday that the agreement being sought with the IMF would give them “a clear picture on debt sustainability and debt targets for us to achieve in the next 10 years.”

Once an agreement is reached, Weerasinghe said, Sri Lanka would approach sovereign bondholders and other external creditors.

“We hope all our creditors will support Sri Lanka once they see the strong macro program endorsed by the IMF,” he said.
All parties
Meanwhile, it is still not known if the expected level of stability of the IMF is to be seen in the country.
The all-party government as proposed by President Wickramasinha is still being debated by many political parties while there seems little agreement among stakeholders.

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