Pope Francis to retire?

Pope Francis to retire?

The down-to-earth and much-loved Pope Francis may soon resign due to poor health. Although no official announcement has been made it is rumoured that the announcement that the pope will be attending a feast initiated by a 13th-century pope who himself resigned is done in preparation for the 85-year-old pope’s resignation.

Recently the pope met the victims of the Easter bombing and although he walked steadily and slowly signs of tiredness were visible.

Pope Francis was seen using a wheelchair in Public recently.

The Pope has been appointing new Cardinals and some of them will be eligible to vote for a new Pope.

At the start of his papacy, Francis said he would like to see the resignation of a pope become normal, and in 2015 he said he had a feeling that his pontificate would be brief, describing Benedict’s decision to step down as “courageous”

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