Whats after Omicron?

Whats after Omicron?

A new Covid variant is on it s way more dangerous than Omicron. This variant can emerge from an unknown part of the Corona family tree.

Prof Mark Woolhouse, of Edinburgh University said that it is not known where in the family-tress of coronavirus the next variant will come from.

“The Omicron variant did not come from the Delta variant. It came from a completely different part of the virus’s family tree. And since we don’t know where in the virus’s family tree a new variant is going to come from, we cannot know how pathogenic it might be.
he said. Professor Lawrence Young of Warwick University said that:
The idea that virus variants will continue to get milder is wrong. A new one could turn out to be even more pathogenic than the Delta variant, for example.” Said Young.

Meanwhile two other variants are said to be doing rounds ,BA.4.6 and BA.2.75, also known as Centaurus, are both still a part of the omicron lineage, which is what makes these variants of concern.

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