“Essence” – Smartphones to read life

“Essence” – Smartphones to read life

Danushka Kumarathunga has convincingly demonstrated the power of the mobile phone to visualize life. The untold tales of a nature-bound rural community has been captured on his phone and are now published in book form on techniques of smartphone photography.

“Essence” - Smartphones to read lifeHis latest book offers some simple techniques for taking remarkable pictures with both iPhone and Android. He says that the smartphone photographer needs to have purpose and a desire to make an impact on its audience.

According to Danushka Kumarathunga, smartphone photography helps expression as well as an appreciation of ones surroundings.

“I thought that the intense emotions I felt when seeing the snapshots should be appreciated by other individuals, so I wrote a book,” said danushka.

“Essence” was the outcome of his thought.

As good reads, comments: The specialty of “Essence” lies where this whole exploration has been captured only using a smartphone camera, under natural light, while preserving the originality within natural frames themselves.

“Essence” - Smartphones to read life

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