Indian military analyst Col R Hariharan points out Ranil Wickramasigha becoming the President is a demonstration of the influence wielded by the Rajapaksas in the present parliament, despite their absence.

The well known military analyst predicts that President Wickremesinghe will resist any call for him to quit and serve till November 2024 when the next presidential poll is due.

As a result of the shadowy influence of Rajapaksas on  Wickramasingha he will be in no hurry to call for a general election, as his detractors have demanded. It will be reasonable to suppose the Wickremesinghe government’s long arm of law will show no haste to book the Rajapaksas for the excess of the earlier government.

Col R Hariharan, a retired MI specialist on South Asia and terrorism,  who served as the head of intelligence of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka 1987-90 notes that itwould be  important for  Wickrmasingha him is to strike an equation with the younger generation and middle class, who form the core of Aragalaya protests. Their demands may seem to be irreconcilable. But the President has to find a middle ground to bring them to the political mainstream


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